ChicagoAgent 3.0 Lite is the only Closing Cost Software Program that is endorsed by Brian Buffini.
This program will change the way you do business, helping you succeed to the next level!
ChicagoAgent 3.0 Lite is available on these Platforms: 

With Chicago Title’s Walking FARM mobile application,
you no longer have to order a walking farm report from
your title company. You will have all the information at                                  
your fingertips.
Simply select the area you want to walk by drawing a
line using your FINGERTIP. When you are satisfied with
your selection, the App will return a list of properties in
walking order.
There are two ways to view your FARM, either in a List
View or in the Single Property View format. 
The Interactive Single Property View allows you to add
comments to each property record. When you’re ready
to walk to the next property, simply use your FINGERTIP
to swipe the screen to the next property in your Walking
FARM. The List View format displays multiple properties
on a page using our scrolling feature.
For a demo of this amazing app, please contact us today!